GP in Richmond

There is no worse time to look for a GP than when you are ill – you are in pain and since you will do anything to take away the pain you will end up going to the first doctor that you come across. It is better that you find a GP when you are in good health. This way you can take your time, look at several names and then choose the one that you think will serve your medical needs well.

You want to find GPs in  Richmond who are accessible. If you choose one that is far away you will have a hard time getting to them and this can discourage you from going for appointments. The one you settle on should be close to home or close to your office. You should be looking for one who operates in a group setting. This means that although they are a GP they are in the same building and under the same umbrella with doctors in other fields of medicine. This way, your doctor visits are all in one location, which means that you can get through them faster.

Availability is an issue. If you are a busy professional you don’t quite have the time to see the doctor during the day. Before you engage the services of a doctor ask them whether they are available early in the morning and in the evenings after work. They should also be able to see if you have an emergency.

Roseneath Medical Practice is one such practice. There are several private GPs in Richmond all in one building but with different specialties. They are available on weekends and in the evenings and they are able to see clients the same day that they book an appointment. You can find out more on their website,